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Colombia – Pioch-caso

Una recuperacion de un niño de Colombia a Alemania.


‎¡Gracias a todos ustedes por recuperar a Valentina!

Durante casi 2 años Valentina no pudo visitar a mi (su padre) y sus abuelos, pero afortunadamente ayer eso cambió.
Valentina estaba muy feliz, saltó a mis brazos, pero al mismo tiempo estaba muy cansada también debido al desfase horario.
En los próximos días se calmará y le daré el tiempo necesario para acostumbrarse a esa nueva situación.
‎Como pueden ver en las fotos Valentina está muy feliz y me da la confianza de que todo saldrá bien.
Muchísimas gracias a todos, especialmente a Sr. Hoogkamer, Sra. Iris, Sr. Luis y el policía alemán Sr. Mayor Götz del Consulado alemán / BKA en Bogotá.

Quiero dar muchas gracias al equipo entero de CEIS! Al escribir esa carta me salen las lágrimas de tanta felicidad,

David Pioch


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We strongly discourage taking matters into your own hands. 
The measures could be illegal and may delay your child’s return. 
Attempts to re-abduct your child(ren) violently from any country may:

  • Endanger you, your child(ren) and others;
  • Prejudice any future judicial efforts you might wish to make in the abducted-to-state;
  • Even result in the arrest and imprisonment for many years!, of you, and that of your accomplices.

Finally, there is no guarantee that the chain of violent abductions would end with the one committed by you. 
A parent who has violently re-abducted a child may have to go to extraordinary lengths to conceal his or her whereabouts, living in permanent fear that the child may be violently re-abducted yet again.
If you are contemplating such desperate measures, we advise you to consider the emotional trauma inflicted on a child who is a victim of a violent abduction and a violent re-abduction.
We discourage violent re-abductions not only because it is illegal, but also because of possible psychological harm to the child.

We don’t use illegal methods; we intervene in another way.
Our method of work is strategically un-orthodox, but obviously legal and safe with the assistance of our strong global network.
Your case, needs to be continuously coached, monitored and pushed forward by our organization.